Inexpensive and comfortable rooms in the Lermontov hotel

Many people want to know how much a hotel in Omsk costs, and to answer this question we can proudly showcase our apartments. On our site you can find a large number of different rooms that are perfect for a stopover for work or travel. Hotel Lermontov is a successful combination of hospitality, high level of service and quality Russian cuisine. on our website you can find the Lermontov hotel in Omsk prices per day, and learn more about each room.

komfort room

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Our hotel can offer you several types of rooms, which are perfect for both family vacations and travel for work alone. It is especially cozy here, because when creating each room, we started from the works of famous Russian classics. We tried to make this place similar to the Russia that is described on the pages of Lermontov and Pushkin - everything is in the best traditions of Russian culture.

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