Omsk is a city of history, poetry, culture and romance. To make living and resting a real pleasure for you, it is very important to find a comfortable place to spend the night. Are you choosing the best Omsk hotels in the city center? We invite you to Lermontov! Lermontov is a combination of excellent service, favorable location and attractive prices.

For many years now, one of the best hotels in the city of Omsk has been welcoming tourists from all over the world. It hospitably offers cozy rooms and delicious breakfasts, and guests arriving in their own car will be happy to provide parking. Hotel Lermontov in the center will be ideal for you to stay due to its favorable location. We have prepared for you the best rooms with all the conditions that will definitely please everyone who travels for work or just decided to visit Omsk.

What rooms can be rented in Lermontov

In the Lermontov hotel in Omsk, you can rent a large number of various rooms, made in the best traditions of classics and comfort. If you are traveling alone, the most convenient option would be the Superior Single room, which has a comfortable spacious bed, telephone and TV, as well as the necessary bathroom accessories and cosmetics for every taste. A modern bathroom with a shower cabin will quickly tone you up after long walks around the city or business meetings.


In our hotel in Omsk you can rent any room, no matter what you want. Business is a room with a higher level of comfort, in particular, the sleeping area with a large bed is separated from the rest of the room. There is a bath and shower in the spacious bathroom.


Like many of the best hotels in Omsk, we provide an incredible restaurant "Kochegarka", where you can have breakfast with hearty dishes to start the day, or have a delicious dinner with friends. And coffee lovers will be delighted with the proposed combinations of aromatic drink with exquisite desserts! We organize calm, balanced music, delicious meals. Each of the orders is a priority for the owners of the establishment. Therefore, choosing a restaurant in Omsk, you will get all the hopes. The restaurant is located on the territory of the hotel, it is very convenient for many visitors. We always focus on the wishes of our customers, we try to do our best to make them satisfied.

Recreation and relaxation complex on the territory of the hotel

For complete relaxation, we provide you with incredible relaxation. Sauna, counter-current pool, shower, relaxation area - everything for your perfect relaxation within our hotel! Have you long wanted to relieve tension from every muscle in your body? You can choose between a Finnish sauna or a Turkish hammam. The aromas of wood and herbal tea will help you breathe in to the fullest, and you can refresh yourself and wash off the heaviness of life in a warm pool with a jacuzzi. Your body will be cleansed of toxins and your skin will glow, then return to your room and fall asleep.This will give you energy and then with a great mood you can again plunge into work and conquer the world. You can find detailed information and book rooms on our hotel Omsk website by filling out a special form.


To find a cheap hotel in Omsk with prices, you just need to go to the website of the Lermontov hotel. Here you can book rooms, learn more about our hotel complex and take a break from hectic everyday life. We strive to make every visitor an incredible weekend getaway or quality business trip, so we adhere to high quality and cleaning standards. We provide only the best range of services, and do what we are sure of and what we like - and that is why for many years the guests have chosen us.If you have long been looking for where to stay in hotels in the city of Omsk with prices that will please the eye, then you should definitely look into the Lermontov hotel complex! We work for you and your comfort!