Many people want to know how much a hotel in Omsk costs, and to answer this question we can proudly showcase our apartments. On our site you can find a large number of different rooms that are perfect for a stopover for work or travel. Hotel Lermontov is a successful combination of hospitality, high level of service and quality Russian cuisine. on our website you can find the Lermontov hotel in Omsk prices per day, and learn more about each room.

Room types from Standard to Premium

We present several types of rooms, each of which is equipped with pleasant light, comfortable furniture and a quality bathroom. You can choose STANDARD ECONOMY - this is a small and cozy room with everything you need. Here you can stay for a short time to get to know the whole culture of the city of Omsk, as well as to be in silence and take a break from everyday problems. The price of such a room will be 2550 rubles per day, and you can relax alone in a beautiful room with all the amenities at hand.


One of the most popular offers in the Lermontov Hotel is STANDARD. If you have been looking for how much a hotel room in Omsk costs for a long time, then this option will definitely suit everyone in terms of quality and comfort. The reference combination of an inexpensive room with all the amenities for work at hand - for only 3200 rubles per day. It has everything you need for a comfortable stay in a quiet city and relaxation from the surrounding problems.


For business travel at work, we can provide an IMPROVED STANDARD. This is a spacious room with a large double bed, so it is perfect for every employee on a business trip. We have equipped it with a comfortable writing desk, small household appliances and a large TV - it will be pleasant not only to work here, but also to relax. The cost of such a room is 4000 rubles per day. BUSINESS and BUSINESS IMPROVED is perfect for long business trips to Omsk. Each of them is equipped with lovely double beds, as well as an area for negotiations and important business meetings. The price of such apartments will be 4500 and 5850 respectively.


For lovers of an exquisite interior with luxurious furniture and a spacious bathroom, we have prepared an incredible PREMIUM apartment. They are perfect for a quality and pleasant stay with natural solid wood furniture, so that you can relax and feel your best. The price of such a room is 7850 rubles per day.

Fast room reservation in Lermontov

If you have been looking for hotel prices in Omsk for a long time, then we can proudly offer you various inexpensive and comfortable rooms. Each of the rooms is perfect for the most important employees, so we tried to do our best for your comfortable work during the day and pleasant relaxation in the evening. We are waiting for you within the walls of our Lermontov hotel right now!